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How CoPilot Works:

  • Call CoPilot
  • CoPilot Arrives Via Folding Motorbike
  • Hand Over Your Keys To CoPilot
  • CoPilot Drives You & Your Car Home
  • You & Your Car Are Safely Home
  • CoPilot Is Off To The Next Ride!

Frequently Asked Questions

CoPilots operate throughout the ENTIRE Lowcountry. No distance is too far for your CoPilot to venture.

Yes, CoPilot is insured to mitigate the risk of anything happening while our drivers drive your car.  We are FULLY licensed and insured. Additionally, our drivers are screened through a SLED background check, DMV driving record, and CoPilot driver training course.

Yes, we have a Client Service Agreement that is required to be executed by the client prior to providing our designated driving service.  This agreement is similar to a rental car agreement and includes information on the driver, vehicle, pick-up & drop-off locations, estimated cost, as well as general Terms & Conditions.

Absolutely, we screen our drivers.  As they are driving our clients’ vehicles, we ensure that we hire only those that have proven they are responsible adults.  Therefore, prior to hiring anyone, we obtain & review their 10 year driving record from the DMV, in addition to their criminal history from the SC Law Enforcement Division.

We accept cash and credit card (VISA, Master Card, Discover, & American Express).

Absolutely! CoPilot can never get enough responsible individuals to be part of the team.  Send your resume to info@copilotdd.com if you are interested.

No, nothing will leak out into your car.  Prior to placing the motorbike into your vehicle, we fold it up and place it into a leak-proof bag to ensure nothing leaks in your car.

They are definitely safe to ride! CoPilots use street-legal motorbikes that has a standard front disc-brake for slowing & stopping, as well as a shut-off valve on the handle to use as a back-up or emergency. On top of that, CoPilot has implemented a weekly proactive maintenance schedule that reviews all aspects of the motorbike. Additionally, we have contracted with a certified mechanic to provide sufficient expertise to ensure our fleet is operating as safely as possible. Our drivers are trained to be as cautious and safe as possible as part of CoPilot’s onboarding procedures. They are required to review the owner’s manual of the motorbike, as well as understand the rules of the road as noted by the South Carolina DMV. Lastly, they are required to wear helmets on the scooter at all times.